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Welcome to my personal space online.

If you are here it is because you like music, which is something we already have in common. 

My name is Miquel Tejada , I am a composer and I write music for motion pictures.

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"Music is an experience,
not a science "

E. Morricone

Miquel Tejada componiendo música

I don't remember when I started playing the piano, but right away I started my musical studies.

When I finished my classical piano studies and as I grew as an artist I realized that what I really wanted was to tell stories, joining the adventure of making audience live experiences, making people dream.

That's why in my experience you will find music for motion pictures, for theatre productions and on the stage. Two fields that I love, which have been with me for a long time and where I learn from with each project, each artist, each challenge and every day.

In this space you can find some of the works I made in my studio and outside of it, and I hope you like them as much as I enjoy creating them.

my creative


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Midi controller


In this player you can listen to some parts of pieces I composed for dramatic cinema, horror, mystery.

Estudio de Miquel Tejada


Here you can listen to some pieces composed for animation series, openings, jingles and background music.

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Miquel en el teatro


In this part you can see musicals where I worked as a musical director.

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Miquel en concierto
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And here you can watch me playing and conducting in live concerts.

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it's personal

I am very happy and proud to have work alongside a multitude of great artists in my career: teachers, directors, singers, actresses, illustrators ...

And with most of them, we made long lasting work relationships, even more than 10 years with some of them! So we became an artistic team. This is one of my favorite goals: find my place as one more piece in a team of creators.

Monograma de Miquel Tejada
Daniel Anglès - Director y productor de teatro musical
Daniel Angles
Director and producer
musical theater

Miquel is a genius. He is an artist in his purest form 24 hours a day. A musician in capital letters that radiates talent.

Pamela Rodríguez
Pamela rodriguez
Artist, Grammy's nominated

In my 20-year career I never did film work. Miquel was not only my co-worker, but one of the best teachers I have ever had. His talent, experience and openness were the great engine of our work. I have never seen such good and neat music made at such speed. I will forever keep the experience in my heart.

​Pere Clos, Director de series de Animación
Pere Clos
Series director
of animation

Miquel has the talent to create in record time the most suitable soundtracks for my projects.

Miquel con la batuta

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